Imagine if your data could speak

What would it tell you? About your customers, your operations, the future? We help your data tell its story, articulately and precisely, in a language that not just machines but humans can understand.

Untangling Tomorrow's Possibilities

We have been rewriting data stories for years. Picture a world where cloud migration is seamless, your legacy code is deciphered, and data assets are future-ready.

Generative Intelligence: A Leap Forward

We tailor data-driven solutions that collect data from multiple sources into AI-enabled databases and cloud storages.

Imagine a world where your data is not just stored but deployed for actionable insights.

Our collaborations — imagining together
Oscar Software
European Commission
Business Tampere
Tampereen kaupunki
STEP Energy
AI Roots
University of Jyväskylä
Tampere University
"Even though we have extensive expertise in genomics and data analysis, trying to do everything ourselves is not always advisable. Veracell’s expertise in NLP and electronic health records accelerated our research by structurizing and modeling the data for the project's purposes.”

- Professor Matti Nykter, Tampere University

Our sprints — for those who can't wait to imagine

If the vast realm of possibilities seems overwhelming, let us be your guide. With our specially curated service packages, imagine if every step you took was well thought out, focused, and illuminated with insights.

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