We untangle your data and enable future AI.

Focused on cloud and artificial intelligence, we build solutions that enable the utilization of data in future-proof smart services.

Generative AI

We create solutions with GPT-4. Don't fall behind, contact us.

Transform your data assets and take advantage of a real-world AI.

We enable future AI by working out with you how to collect, clean and consolidate your business-critical data assets. Starting from cloud migration, we deliver your data in a usable format and help you take the most value out of it.

Over the years we've made sense of 10 years old code, solved tricky NLP and other AI problems with large-scale data sets and challenged the market with state-of-the-art machine learning solutions.

Your data, delivered

We plan and implement data-driven solutions starting from design with stakeholders, continued into consolidating data from different sources into purposefully modelled and documented AI-enabled databases and cloud storages.

"Whether there is a need to develop natural language processing (NLP) or conjoint analysis algorithms, tweak the frontend, or find the right senior backend developer as an extra resource, Veracell delivers."
- Dr. Heli Holttinen, Cambri


Get an instant digitalization boost with our service packages

We carefully constructed a few fixed-price services that have proved to be valuable. If the road ahead is not completely clear, we can help with crafting a well-thought plan for your next step in digitalisation.

Get started with your Data & AI strategy with our workshop template.

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CEO, AI advisor & sales
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Antti Larjo
CTO, data scientist
Sergei Häyrynen
COO, data engineer
Krista Mellin
Director, design & strategy
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