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Cambri – Empowering market research

Cambri is an innovative and intelligent market research and concept testing software. The CEO of Veracell, Timo Erkkilä, has been an essential part of Cambri’s journey. With his lead, an in-house tech and data science team has been built for Cambri, supplemented with Veracell’s dedicated consultants.

  • Algorithm development for price optimization and natural language processing.

  • We helped raise a € 3.6 million Series A investment to accelerate expansion.

  • Migrating software to another technical environment to expand the product and add more advanced functionality.

A New Age of Product Launch Strategy

In the modern market where a significant 80% of product launches do not find success, Cambri introduces a paradigm shift with its innovative and intelligent market research and concept testing software. The platform facilitates hypothesis-driven concept testing at the preliminary stages of innovation, offering agile, easy, and affordable productizing of the research process, which inherently enhances the predictability of product reception.

Unveiling Potential through Technical Partnership

In spring 2020, Cambri engaged in a collaborative venture with Veracell to amplify its platform's capacities and scalability. Cambri, under the leadership of CEO Dr. Heli Holttinen, aspired to integrate more advanced functionalities, particularly machine learning and AI, to empower users with expert market research methods. Veracell, chosen for their well-regarded expertise in data science and software development, became instrumental in realizing this vision, helping infuse Cambri with advanced features typically reserved for full-service market research projects.

Our team

Timo Erkkilä
CEO, AI Advisor & Sales
Stanislav Muhametsin
Software developer
Eetu Pursiainen
Data scientist
Hannes Järvinen
Software developer
"Whether you need to develop natural language processing (NLP) or analysis algorithms, customize the interface, or find an experienced backend developer, Veracell delivers."

- Dr. Heli Holttinen, CEO, Cambri

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