We are always looking for a perfect match. Are you familiar with data engineering, cloud, artificial intelligence or software development? Join us.

Join our growing full-stack team.

We are hiring in-house consultants as well as looking for freelancers to join our ranks. Are you familiar with TensorFlow, Keras, Spark, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Docker or Kubernetes? Are JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, React, Scala or R part of your vocabulary? If yes, let's talk!

Flexible, remote and well paid – join our freelancer network.

Our consultants work part-time or occasionally and we refer people to projects as needed. We also have long and full-time contracts with several customers. You can choose how much and what you want to do, we will contact you when a suitable project hits the spot. On our commission or freelance model most of the billing goes straight into the pockets of the consultants.

Or join our in-house product development team?

Our product development team has both part-time and full-time employees, subcontracted and on payroll. We do hardware development, embedded systems, machine learning models, and algorithm and software development. Contact us and let's see if there is a need for your expertise.

Let's get in touch.

Timo Erkkilä
CEO, AI advisor & sales
+358 44 3758 909
Antti Larjo
CTO, data scientist
Sergei Häyrynen
COO, data engineer
Krista Mellin
Director, design & strategy
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