We have a wealth of experience in data, technology and design.

AI strategy & business design

We spar with the key stakeholders to uncover the main business pain points, and how data assets and AI can help overcome those pains. We account for humans, processes, and business models when creating the roadmap to success.

Technology audits & due diligence

Our deep technological expertise combined with business mindset makes us a potent auditor, whether it be for funding round or just to get a second opinion on the selected technology stack and AI algorithms.

Service design & exploratory data analysis

Sometimes it is better to first have deep dives on use cases and designs, and have a good understanding of the underlying data.

Product development

We do not hesitate to jump into the development loop and help unleash the full potential of your digital assets. We favor long term business benefits over short-term quick wins.

Data integrations & data models

We have a long and versatile history with data integrations. We have built data pipelines and data models for medical databases, patient record systems, DNA sequencing data, market analysis and varied healthcare-related databases.

Joint ventures

Do you have a data-driven business idea that but are missing the tech team? We can help you get on the right track of turning your ideas into reality.

Fixed-price services to supercharge your business.

We carefully constructed a few fixed-price services that have proved to be valuable. If the road ahead is not completely clear, we can help with crafting a well-thought plan for your next step in digitalisation.

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Timo Erkkilä
CEO, AI Advisor & Sales
Antti Larjo
CTO, Data Scientist
Sergei Häyrynen
COO, Data Engineer
Krista Mellin
Director, Design & Strategy
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