Data & AI Use Case Sprint

Sprint Toward Your AI Future

This sprint is a comprehensive approach to identify, analyze, and implement AI capabilities tailored for your business objectives.

Based on your needs, we pick the right activities to get you going towards AI adoption. During the sprint we create an actionable AI roadmap in the format and detail level that benefits you the most.

Workshop 1 - Identifying AI Opportunities

After this workshop, you will have a good idea of AI opportunities, tied to your business goals. We summarise and bring the selected use cases to the next workshop.

Workshop 2 - Use Case Prioritization

After this workshop, you will have a detailed development plan to start your AI journey. We plan and present a roadmap with clear steps forward.

Concept Creation - Clarifying the Objective

After this phase, you will have a tangible concept detailing the use of AI in your company. Based on the selected topics, it includes documentation of user interfaces, processes and technical architecture.

You will get:

- Summary of AI opportunities
- Development roadmap for AI adoption
- Concept documenting user needs and technical architecture
- Work and budget estimates for selected scope

Accelerate Your AI Journey with Our Sprint

Take the guesswork out of AI adoption with our focused sprint. Through targeted workshops and expert guidance, we deliver a tailored AI roadmap that aligns with your business objectives. You'll emerge with a clear development plan, an actionable concept, and specific budget estimates.

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CEO, AI Advisor & Sales

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