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Data & AI Strategy Sprint

Identifying AI opportunities

Data and AI is essential in many businesses to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Our technology and business experts help you navigate in the technological landscape and create solid plans that accelerate your way towards unlocking AI opportunities in the years to come.

We are pragmatic, and take 360-degree approach and ensure business, technology, and available expertise are all fully aligned. Whether it's about taking baby steps or giant leaps forward — we know the drill and want to help.

What is included

Two 3-hour workshops with your business, technology or design experts, where we dive into the deep end with you to gain understanding of your core business and how data and AI fits in. With that knowledge, we help you to enhance your AI vision and how to take action now.

Document outlining:

  • Vision and how data & AI fits in to identified business opportunities
  • A tangible execution plan outlining required technology, budget range, team and process to reach the identified targets

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Timo Erkkilä
CEO, AI advisor & sales

Start your data & AI strategy journey with our workshop template.

Includes templates for running your own Data & AI strategy workshop and some insights from our data strategy team.

Thank you for your interest in our data & AI workshop. Here is a link to download the PDF.
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