Senior Data Engineer

Do you have a knack for writing data-driven applications? Do you speak fluent Python and SQL, know how to handle Big Data using tools like Apache Spark, and are you looking for some serious challenges with an awesome team? Good! We are looking for a senior data engineer to join our ranks. The work includes both customer consultancy projects as well as product development on our brand new product suite.

Expertise in the following technologies is appreciated:

As you will be working on customer projects, excellent communication skills in English is required.

What's in it for you:

Apply by sending your job application and CV to or using the form below.

Veracell is an AI consulting company with data science software development capabilities. Our goal is to help companies create value from their vast pool of data in the most scalable and efficient way. Despite being a startup, we can reflect on over 15 years of algorithm and software development in fields such as IoT, healthcare, ecommerce, manufacturing, distributed computing platforms, and forensics.

Veracell operates out of Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku.

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