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The Maestro of MedTech: Meet Kullervo Kotiaho

Introducing Kullervo Kotiaho from Veracell's consultant network: entrepreneur, software developer and problem solver.

Kullervo is an experienced data engineer who, even with two decades of experience, is still a curious and passionate programmer. He may even be found writing code in his spare time, when not busy with family and other hobbies.

At Veracell, we are constantly on the lookout for new professionals. Data engineering expertise in particular is in high demand and Kullervo was a top discovery due to both his core competencies and extensive experience.

"I got excited about building programs at a young age when I became acquainted with home computers at the time. Along the way, I’ve been creating patient information systems for private healthcare, cancer screening ERP, a laboratory system, building online service environments, and connecting different systems together. I’ve also developed software for a few devices."

Through Veracell, we deliver consultants to demanding customer projects. From the healthcare domain, we have an extensive portfolio of expertise from data science to design. Kullervo was involved in an interesting project in which he certainly will not get bored.

"After the previous projects were completed, I asked my network if they knew about suitable projects for me. Pretty soon I heard Veracell was looking for a consultant with experience in healthcare systems. It turned out to be data engineering and also matched my core competencies. The transition to mass data seemed to fit my path anyway, as I had been working more with integrations in recent years. 
I am currently working mainly on TietoEVRY's 360° Patient product. Data is collected from a number of different source systems into a usable format and users can then get all information they need from one place. I am currently building the systems' data pipelines for HUS. The product is constantly gaining new users and becoming more diverse, so there is plenty to work with."

Veracell’s underlying idea is that consultants can focus on the essentials, i.e. interesting work assignments in long-term client projects.

“I feel like I’m in the right place in Veracell’s project. The assignments are varied, you are guaranteed to learn something new during each week, and there are enough challenges to take on. Independent work suits me well. Working remotely has been effortless, as the means of communication are utilized quite effectively in the project. Veracell’s background support for the consultant allows me to focus on the actual work.”

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