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Unlocking new opportunities for healthcare

Veracell is a technology consultancy that provides cutting-edge solutions to help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes and allocate resources more efficiently. Our team of over 20 people includes data scientists and healthcare technology experts with backgrounds in bioinformatics, signal processing, and data engineering.

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence, including natural language processing (NLP), to unlock new opportunities in healthcare. We have worked with DataKIT and Tietoevry to provide RWD-based insights to pharmaceutical companies and explore the benefits of modern technologies in health and social care. Meet some of our senior experts:

Timo Erkkilä, CEO of Veracell and an analytics expert

Timo is dedicated to developing customer-oriented solutions and achieving measurable business growth for clients.

With a doctorate in engineering, experience in multi-source system integrations, cloud migrations, real-time systems, and analytics, Timo is able to discuss technical topics in-depth while also communicating effectively with different audiences.

His background in statistical mathematics, physics, and signal processing, as well as his experience as a researcher and demand forecasting scientist at Amazon, make him well-suited to help businesses create solutions for data-driven business.

Sergei Häyrynen, background in bioinformatics and systems biology

Sergei is an expert in healthcare technology and one of the founders of our company. Sergei has a background in bioinformatics and studied signal processing and systems biology at Tampere University of Technology.

He leads customer projects and manages the technical teams, while also handling the day-to-day challenges and opportunities at Veracell. His strong understanding of healthcare vocabularies and standards makes him an effective communicator with clients.

Antti Larjo, unlocking the full potential of patient data

Antti is a specialist in data science and dedicated to helping our clients unlock the full potential of their patient data.

With a PhD in technology and a background in physics and mathematics, Antti brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the healthcare field.

Antti is responsible for designing and implementing data pipelines and machine learning solutions, as well as training and monitoring models in production. With Antti's expertise and leadership, we are excited to continue helping our clients predict rare diseases, automate manual processes for doctors and improve the quality of care.

Krista Mellin, concept designer for digital healthcare services

With over a decade of experience in consulting and product design, Krista has a deep understanding of how to bridge the gap between user needs, business requirements, and technological solutions.

She has a proven track record of creating concepts and service blueprints for healthcare and well-being. At Tietoevry she explored how modern technologies like natural language processing could aid healthcare professionals.

At Veracell, Krista has been leading design for data-driven products. She understands the importance of making sure the end product is human-friendly, ethically sound, and provides real value. As a designer, she is able to translate the complexity of data science into tangible concepts that are easy for everyone to understand.

Eetu Pursiainen, helping healthcare organizations make sense of unstructured text

Eetu has worked on text analytics projects for several organizations across different sectors. He has a strong record in healthcare, having developed a model for predicting the mortality of patients with traumatic brain injury, which was published in a leading scientific journal.

Eetu joined Veracell as a senior data scientist, and is currently working on advanced NLP projects for a growing market research company, Cambri. With his expertise in NLP and text analytics, he can help healthcare organizations make sense of large amounts of unstructured data, and find new insights that can improve patient outcomes.

Unlocking new opportunities for healthcare

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are unlocking new opportunities for healthcare. For example, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models can improve the quality of care and allocate healthcare resources more efficiently. Our team of over 20 experts is dedicated to providing cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions.


RWD-based insights for pharmaceutical companies

We have been working with DataKIT from the beginning of their journey, designing and implementing a modern technological solution to provide RWD-based insights to pharmaceutical companies.

We implemented DataKIT's Microsoft Azure Cloud-based data platform and data integrations with third-party data warehouses. We used Azure Data Factory and Databricks for the implementation and modeled and cleaned the data to speed up its utilization in application development and analytics.


Improving mental health work

PIRKKO®, developed by Integritas, is an application that can be used to improve mental health work with current resources. As a partner of Integritas, we are taking the PIRKKO® system to the next level.

The partnership between Integritas and Veracell has lasted for three years. Recently, co-operation has accelerated with the development of the data and analytics-based nature of the PIRKKO® system.

We are making the data more accessible to machine learning or artificial intelligence models to make it easier to perform analysis of care effectiveness in the future.


Exploring the benefits of modern technologies in healthcare

We work with Tietoevry's teams to help with application development, cloud technology, and data engineering.

We have been transferring and modeling data from different systems for use in applications and analytics. We have been involved in the design of services, the implementation and maintenance of ETL processes, and the construction of data pipelines and infrastructure.

Additionally, we have been implementing product pilots, exploring the benefits of modern technologies in the field of health and social care.

We are excited to be leading the way in healthcare technology and invite you to join us on this journey. Let us help you make sense of your data and unlock new insights for your organization!

Do you want to find out how to harness data to grow your business? If so, we would love to have a chat.