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Unlocking New Opportunities for Healthcare

Picture a healthcare ecosystem where patient outcomes are dramatically improved and resources are allocated with precision. At Veracell, we bring this vision to life with a team of 20-plus experts specializing in everything from bioinformatics and signal processing to data engineering.

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence, including natural language processing (NLP), to unlock new opportunities in healthcare. We have worked with DataKIT and Tietoevry to provide RWD-based insights to pharmaceutical companies and explore the benefits of modern technologies in health and social care. Meet some of our senior experts:

Timo Erkkilä, CEO of Veracell and an analytics expert

CEO with the analytical prowess of a researcher and the communicative skill of a business leader. Timo offers a rich blend of statistical mathematics, real-time systems expertise, and cloud migration experience to ensure client solutions are technically sound and business-savvy.

Sergei Häyrynen, background in bioinformatics and systems biology

Our co-founder who combines technical acumen with a deep understanding of healthcare vocabulary. Sergei's extensive background in bioinformatics and systems biology means he speaks your language while leading customer projects.

Antti Larjo, unlocking the full potential of patient data

Antti specializes in constructing data pipelines and training predictive models that pave the way for groundbreaking healthcare solutions. With Antti's expertise and leadership, we help our clients predict rare diseases, automate processes for doctors and improve the quality of care.

Krista Mellin, concept designer for digital healthcare services

Concept designer who can turn the abstract world of data science into tangible, user-friendly solutions. With Krista, you get a leader in digital healthcare services design, ensuring products are both human-friendly and impactful.

Eetu Pursiainen, helping healthcare organizations make sense of unstructured text

Imagine turning unstructured healthcare text into actionable insights. Eetu's stellar record in text analytics enables healthcare organizations to unearth hidden gems from patient data, thereby enhancing patient care.

Unlocking a New Healthcare Paradigm

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are unlocking new opportunities for healthcare. For example, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models can improve the quality of care and allocate healthcare resources more efficiently. Our team of over 20 experts is dedicated to providing cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions.


RWD-based insights for pharmaceutical companies

With Veracell, pharmaceutical companies get access to Real-World Data (RWD) insights through our collaboration with DataKIT, enhanced by Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms.


Improving mental health work

In partnership with Integritas, our technology elevates the PIRKKO® application to a new standard, enabling more effective mental health work without stretching current resources.


Exploring the benefits of modern technologies in healthcare

Our collaboration with Tietoevry opens doors to the future of health and social care, from the development of cutting-edge applications to data engineering that powers actionable analytics.

So, are you ready to partake in this transformative healthcare journey? With Veracell’s expertise, you're not just adapting to the healthcare technology landscape; you're helping shape it.

Ready to transform your data dreams into reality? There’s no better time than now. Let’s reimagine the future together.