Generative AI & LLMs

Unleash the transformative power of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). Dive into an era where machines understand, create, and amplify human creativity.

Our Approach to Implementing Generative AI

We merge service design, technological expertise, and user insights to realize compelling use cases.

We begin with a foundation in service design, ensuring that our solutions are fundamentally user-centric and cater to actual needs and challenges.

Leaning on our research, we select the optimal technologies and data sources that align with the use cases, ensuring a robust and effective solution.

Finally, we transform theory into action by developing a proof of concept, testing the practicality and impact of the solution in a controlled setting.

We have already worked with many customers in innovating, defining, planning, and building applications with Generative AI.

"Innovative technologies reach their full potential when developed in collaboration with domain experts and guided by thoughtful design."

- Antti Kangas, CTO, Nightingale Health

Strategizing LLM Implementation through Research

We employed a design-first approach to identify use cases where large language models are applicable. Beginning with user research, we pinpointed aspects of an existing product that can be enhanced with GPT capabilities. A forward-looking concept worked as the foundation for implementation.

Establishing a GPT-4 Powered Knowledgebase with Azure

We built a comprehensive knowledgebase from zero, ensuring GPT-4 accesses current data, by intricately linking design-first approaches, AI concepting, and a steadfast Azure architecture into a deployed application.

Integrating LLMs for Operator Support and Data Structurization

Our design-first approach utilized LLMs for interpreting international user feedback and providing operators precise assistance via an AI that navigates through structured, multilingual, and multimodal global data repositories.

Advancing Scientific Literature Processing with GPT

We expedited the processing of scientific literature using LLMs, delivering an end-to-end application solution and crafting science-focused marketing content that bridges knowledge and application.

"Even though we have extensive expertise in genomics and data analysis, trying to do everything ourselves is not always advisable. Veracell’s expertise in NLP and electronic health records accelerated our research by structurizing and modeling the data for the project's purposes.”

- Professor Matti Nykter, Tampere University

"It has been quite beneficial working with Veracell in our NLP project. Veracell engineers helped us get started from the beginning and has been consistently responsive with discussions and ideas for improving our EFI model."

- Jake Lin, PhD, Tampere University

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