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Enhancing Prostate Cancer Research With NLP

Together with Matti Nykter’s Computational Biology group, part of the Academy of Finland’s Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics, we blended our natural language processing (NLP) prowess with their research into metastatic prostate cancer care paths, facilitating a deeper exploration into critical treatment decisions and outcomes.

  • Structurized free-text patient journals.

  • Conducted goal-oriented data exploration.

  • Combined data from multiple systems for care path modeling.

Strategic Exploration and Data Mapping

We embarked on a detailed, targeted data exploration, initiating with manual care path mapping. Leveraging our robust knowledge of Finnish electronic health records, we deftly discerned and aligned essential data components with optimal methodologies, guiding the client through every nuance of data evaluation and acquisition.

Empowering Advanced Genomic Research

Our collective endeavors resulted in a potent data model, meticulously providing organized, documented data. This empowered Matti Nykter’s team to delve profoundly into mathematical modeling, thus maximizing their deep-rooted expertise in genomics and prostate cancer, and perfectly aligning with the mission of the Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics.

Our team

Sergei Häyrynen
AI Advisor & Operations
Eetu Pursiainen
Data scientist
Vili Sipilä
Data engineer
Tuukka Ruhanen
Data engineer
"Even though we have extensive expertise in genomics and data analysis, trying to do everything ourselves is not always advisable. Veracell’s expertise in NLP and electronic health records accelerated our research by structurizing and modeling the data for the project's purposes.”

- Professor Matti Nykter, Tampere University

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