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DataKIT – Pharmaceuticals meet AI

DataKIT is a Finnish startup that builds business on an exclusive set of data. DataKIT provides RWB-based insights to pharmaceutical companies to improve patient safety and support marketing and training.

  • Data platform and data integrations to third-party data warehouses.

  • A web application designed and implemented on top of the data for use by pilot customers.

  • Machine learning models to predict the market behavior of pharmaceuticals.

Technical implementation enabling business vision

We have cooperated with DataKIT from the beginning of their journey and our responsibility has been to design and implement a modern technological solution to deliver their vision.

To enable efficient use of DataKIT’s unique data, we implemented DataKIT’s Microsoft Azure Cloud -based data platform and data integrations with third-party data warehouses. We used Azure Data Factory and Databricks for the implementation and modeled and cleaned the data to speed up its utilization in application development and analytics.

Data-driven web application to provide processed data and analytics

Together with DataKIT's experts, we designed and implemented a data-driven web application to provide processed data and analytics. The design was carried out in separate workshops facilitated by Veracell’s service designer. The needs identified together were initially designed as a Figma prototype and, after iteration, implemented as a browser-based interface.

We used PostgreSQL, Node.js and React to present data and insights as interactive visualizations. Application includes a system for notifying users about changing trends, built using Azure Functions and Logic Apps.

Modeling of real-world phenomena

The data used by DataKIT enables the modeling of real-world phenomena, such as changes in market shares and the impact of marketing towards the interest in pharmaceutical products. To validate the hypothesis, we built machine learning models to predict the market behavior of pharmaceuticals to support the marketing decision-making of pharmaceutical companies. We integrated data from different sources and used models based on autoregression and random forests.

We work closely with DataKIT and design the technical units together with the customer - down to the last detail if necessary. Our strength is to understand the customer's vision and goals, and we design the various aspects of technical implementation on their terms.

Our team

Sergei Häyrynen
AI Advisor & Operations
Krista Mellin
Design Advisor & Strategy
Antti-Jussi Mäkipää
Software developer

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