Providing experts for data integration and artificial intelligence in healthcare

Veracell has been providing experts in Tietoevry's healthcare projects for years. We have been developing the data lake environment, integrated different data sources and helped to create and maintain infrastructure. We have also been involved in service design and user interface design.

  • Development of the data lake and related infrastructure, components and services.

  • Data integrations that bring data from different systems to centralized repositories and applications. Data modeling to benefit research, management reporting and applications.

  • Design and development of machine learning models for natural language processing, segmentation and prediction models.

Data for applications

Tietoevry's products can be used to store and manage a huge amount of patient data. Data integrations deliver data from different systems to centralized repositories that can be used to develop applications for research and clinical work. Modern user interfaces and modern automation can reduce the manual work of physicians to save time for actual treatment of patients.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence unlock new opportunities for healthcare. For example, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models can improve the quality of care and allocate health care resources more efficiently.

Our experienced developers work as part of Tietoevry's teams to help with application development, cloud technology and data engineering. With our help, data from different systems has been transferred and modeled for use in applications and analytics. We have been involved in the design of services, the implementation and maintenance of ETL processes, and the construction of data pipelines and infrastructure. In addition, we have been implementing product pilots, exploring the benefits of modern technologies in the field of health and social care.

"Long-term cooperation with Veracell has yielded good results. Veracell is a reliable partner for us in the development of our data-centric solutions.", says Hannu Tissari, Head of Product Development, Tietoevry.

Read more: https://www.tietoevry.com/en/industries/healthcare-and-welfare/healthcare/tieto-intelligent-wellbeing/

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