Modernizing healthcare

Explore the future where intelligent technologies bridge gaps, enhance diagnostics, and personalize patient experiences, catalyzing a new epoch in healthcare management and delivery.

Implementation of healthcare analytics data platform

Architecture, infrastructure, and security development for a healthcare analytics data platform.

Data exploration for medication advertisement

Data visualization to explore how medication advertisement affects clinicians' behaviour.

Data explorer for clinical data

Cloud-enabled explorer for healthcare data to use by researchers, with easy-to-use interactive dashboard.

Anonymization of patient journals using neural masking

Hiding personal data in patient journals using neural masking.

Identifying patients for cohort studies

Developed an AI model to extract information about tumor size and location, consciousness, and genetic alterations.

Data pipeline implementation for patient data

Data is collected from a number of different source systems into a usable format.

Healthcare ERP for resource optimization

Design and data engineering for a healthcare ERP, used to improve the use of resources for more influential interventions.

Predicting the best response of current treatment lines

Predicting the best response of a patient that has multiple myeloma type of cancer.

Neural network based forecasting models

Machine learning and neural network based forecasting models for various healthcare applications.

Natural language processing for patient journals

Natural language processing tools for automatic structuring and analysis of text materials.

Integrations for IoT healthcare devices

Data models and data integrations for storing, processing, and utilizing IoT data for healthcare devices.

Analysis of microscopy images of human cancer cells

Quantitative analysis of microscopy images of human cancer cells using image recognition.

Improved SQL models for PowerBI reporting

Improved SQL data models for the client's healthcare products to meet the PowerBI reporting needs.

UWB indoor location tracking for rehabilitation

Ultra-wideband and accelerometer data transfer for rehabilitation monitoring.

"Long-term cooperation with Veracell has yielded good results. Veracell is a reliable partner for us in the development of our data-centric solutions."

- Hannu Tissari, Head of Product Development, Tietoevry

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