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Meet Helka: Turning Medical Curiosity into Data-Driven Solutions

We are excited to welcome Helka to the Veracell team as a Data Engineer! Helka joins us with a background in biomedical engineering and a passion for leveraging technology to improve healthcare.

When asked what drew her to Veracell, Helka shared, "I heard about Veracell through AJ, who works at Veracell, and also participated a biotech company presentation where Veracell was presented. I originally applied looking for a thesis topic, but ended up coming to do real work instead!"

Helka is especially excited for the opportunity to work on health technology projects that can have a real impact. "I think health technology is super interesting, and I think it would be really cool to get to develop new things that would actually benefit the end user."

"I like to always learn new things and I'm curious. I always want to understand what I'm doing / what's happening in the background and not just do it."

This curiosity has been a driving force in her career journey. Although she was initially interested in medicine, Helka realized being a doctor wasn't for her and instead pursued biomedical engineering.

"Technology was cool and during my studies I became more interested in programming and data."

Prior to joining Veracell, Helka worked at a small health tech startup developing software solutions for diabetes management. There she gained experience with JavaScript, and working with continuous glucose monitoring data. More recently, she has been using Python to implement machine learning methods in her Master's thesis project, aiming to predict indicators of mental well-being among healthcare professionals.

"In practice, this means I'm trying to make prediction models about who drops out of an online psychological intervention."

At Veracell so far, Helka has gone through onboarding and gotten started on the Intellens project, an internal endeavour at Veracell where we try out ways of structuring documents with the help of the most recent LLMs.

She has explored various LLM/NLP applications, tried out prompt engineering, and even participated in a sales event. Next up she is slated to join a large project that is all about recommendation algorithms.

When she's not coding, you can find Helka playing badminton, swimming, cycling or running. Endurance sports are her passion outside of work.

As for the future, Helka hopes to take on new challenges that will allow her to keep growing and learning. "I expect that I’ll learn new things and face challenges so I can develop my skills," she said. "I also hope that I get to work on healthcare projects!"

We have no doubt Helka's curiosity, motivation and healthcare background will be major assets to our work - welcome to the team!

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