We build AI and machine learning solutions for renewable energy, utilities, and Industry 4.0

Discover how Veracell's expertise in data processing, machine learning, and analytics is transforming industries. We empower businesses to make data-driven decisions for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Our cases include wind and solar power forecasting, customer segmentation for electric utilities, prediction of spot price spikes, proactive quality analytics, and predictive maintenance services.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of our clients, from renewable energy production to advanced manufacturing.

An adaptive solution to reduce the cost and carbon footprint of indoor ventilation

We built a Microsoft Azure Cloud-based system that stored and processed real-time IoT data to create an AI model for estimating energy-saving potential and guiding ventilation adjustments. The solution led to significant energy savings and improved ventilation efficiency.

Estimating forest properties from point-clouds using LiDAR

Our solution uses drone-based LiDAR technology to capture point-cloud data, which is then processed by our algorithms to estimate tree types, heights, and volumes. This information is invaluable for forest management and valuation.

Forecasting yield from process inputs with 3-hour lead-time

We created an AI model that predicts the yield of industrial processes based on IoT measurements and process parameters. Our real-time dashboard helps operators optimize processes and maximize yield by adjusting parameters in response to forecasted outcomes.

Predictive maintenance solution for the paper industry

Our AI model analyzes data from over 50,000 IoT sensors and automation control parameters to predict the risk of machine breakdown within the next 3 hours. This real-time monitoring system helps paper manufacturers avoid expensive downtime and improve overall efficiency.

Lifecycle modeling of shipyard equipment for predictive maintenance

We developed an AI model that predicts the risk of spare part failure several weeks in advance. This allows shipyards to proactively replace parts with elevated risk during planned maintenance windows, reducing costly downtime.

Proactive quality analytics service for manufacturing

Our cloud data analytics solution combines statistical process control and machine learning techniques to predict product quality in real-time. This enables manufacturing companies to prioritize laboratory assessments and improve overall quality control.

Customer segmentation for electric utilities

Our AI-driven segmentation algorithm analyzes detailed historical energy consumption data to create targeted customer segments. This enables electric utilities to tailor pricing models and refine sales and marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Intelligent wind and solar power forecasting

We use deep neural networks to accurately predict solar and wind energy generation up to 3 days in advance. Our solution helps clients better plan their production by integrating real-time weather data and forecasts, and providing an intuitive web-based interface for operators and brokers.

“Veracell was able to effectively plan and carry out our data model development project, providing us useful competence to develop our reporting platform. Communication with Veracell was continuous and smooth throughout the project.”
"From Veracell we found a professional team that we had been looking for to advance our lifecycle modeling. The results of the project are promising and lead us towards a production solution."

- Tomi Krogerus, Senior Manager of Analytics and AI

We leverage the power of AI and machine learning to transform industries, optimize processes, and deliver tangible results.

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