Teollisuus 4.0 – tekoälyn vallankumous

Lue, miksi olemme ensimmäinen valinta rakentamaan teollisuuden ratkaisuja  AI- ja datastrategioista ennakoivaan huoltoon.

Forest Metrics at Your Fingertips

Envision a forest where each tree is accounted for—type, height, and volume. With our drone-powered LiDAR tech, forest management goes digital, blending sustainability with precise valuation.

Quality First, Always

Conceive of a manufacturing line where every product is the best version of itself. Thanks to our cloud analytics solution, quality control is not reactive but predictive, steering lab focus to where it's needed most.

Energy, Predicted

Imagine a world where the sun and wind are not just sources of energy, but predictable assets. Our deep neural networks project solar and wind yields up to 3 days ahead, empowering more balanced energy production and market operations.

Smooth Sailing for Shipyards

Think of a shipyard operating like clockwork, each component replaced right before its expiration date. Our AI model forecasts spare part failure weeks in advance, allowing proactive replacements and dodging costly delays.

Smart Utility Targeting

Ponder a future where your utility company knows you so well, it can almost predict your next move. By segmenting users based on historical energy usage, we allow utilities to design more effective pricing and outreach strategies.

No More Unplanned Downtime

Visualize a paper factory where the term "unexpected breakdown" is archaic. Our AI reads data from 50,000 IoT sensors to predict machinery hiccups within 3 hours, saving both time and money.

Eco-Smart Buildings

Picture walking into a building where the air doesn't just feel fresh; it's intelligently so. Using Microsoft Azure and IoT data, we've crafted an AI model that dynamically adjusts ventilation, both conserving energy and minimizing carbon footprint.

Yield Foretelling

Imagine an industrial factory that practically runs itself, making real-time adjustments to maximize yield. With our AI model and responsive dashboard, we enable operators to finetune processes in response to forecasted outcomes.

” Veracellista löysimme ammattitaitoisen tiimin, jollaista olimme jo jonkin aikaa etsineet elinkaarimallinnuksen edistämiseen. Tulokset projektista ovat lupaavia ja vievät meitä kohti tuotantoratkaisua.”

- Tomi Krogerus, Senior Manager of Analytics and AI

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