STEP – Streamlining the data landscape

At Veracell, we recently had the opportunity to collaborate with STEP on their data model development project. Our goal was to generate statistics that would make reporting easier for their data platform, and we achieved this by implementing data structuring techniques that streamlined the reporting process.

  • Simplified logic for reports to make the system less dependent on the expertise of individual employees.

  • Data model development as foundation for future AI.

  • Decoupling data and code to deal with faulty values.

Decoupling data and code

Decoupling data and code allowed us to deal with faulty values without modifying the report or the original data, and it made the newly implemented reporting system less dependent on the expertise of individual employees.

Foundation for future AI development

By laying a foundation for future AI development, we ensured that STEP's operations would run smoothly in the long run. The simplified logic on the final report also made monthly reporting easier for STEP.

Thorough planning before implementation allowed us to carry out the project effectively within the planned schedule and estimated work hours.

Communication was key throughout the project and continuous collaboration with STEP’s experts allowed us to achieve the project’s goals with confidence. We are proud to have been a part of their journey towards more efficient data-driven operations.

“Veracell was able to effectively plan and carry out our data model development project, providing us useful competence to develop our reporting platform. Communication with Veracell was continuous and smooth throughout the project.”

STEP is a joint venture founded by Veolia and Pori Energia in 2008. STEP supplies energy production and support services and develops industrial energy services in Finland.

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