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From External to Essential: Tech Architect's Tale by Stasi

We are proud to spotlight the journey of Stanislav, better known as Stasi, who initially joined us as an external consultant in January 2021. Balancing work with Veracell and other commitments, they transitioned to a full-time role by January 2022, dedicating their expertise primarily to Cambri, our esteemed client.

“In terms of personality, I like to describe myself as ‘maximizing social energy conservation.’ While I enjoy engaging conversations on subjects that interest me, I also appreciate the freedom to put on my headphones and dive into coding.”

“Professionally, I aim for high-quality results that are both developer-friendly and user-centric. This approach helps clients retain existing customers and attract new ones.”

“What excites me in my work is particularly automation and DevOps tasks. I have a broad set of interests including databases, backends, and even frontends—although I admit CSS isn’t my strongest suit. I’m also fascinated by different programming languages and paradigms.”

“On the personal side, I enjoy various forms of exercise including gym workouts, running, and swimming. Lately, I’ve taken up ice swimming. Coding also spills over into my free time, helping me stay current in a field that’s always evolving.”

“My interest in coding started in the ’90s with ASCII role-playing games like Moria and Nethack. My first programming project was creating random ASCII maps in the spirit of these games. After high school, I studied at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and became involved in a research project focusing on modeling and integration architecture.”

“My career took off in 2008 as I started working in aforementioned TUT research project, which later evolved into a startup called Cometa Solutions. I then moved to Tietoevry, where I specialized in Azure-based cloud technologies, before joining UPM to contribute to their data platform, also built on Azure.”

“In terms of tools and languages, I use a full-stack approach. I run tools through Docker instead of installing them directly on my machine to avoid versioning issues. My favorite programming language currently is TypeScript, but C# deserves an honorable mention due to the .NET framework’s recent advancements.”

“I first heard about Veracell while working at Tieto, where I met Sergei and Timo. This meeting eventually led me to consider freelancing as a career, which I eventually took the leap to do thanks to Veracell.”

“At Veracell, I’ve been working on cloud, architecture, and coding projects for Cambri. I find the work extremely rewarding and enjoy the strong sense of community at both Cambri and Veracell.”

“My future plans include expanding my skillset in diverse projects. I am working on increasing my participation in the open-source community through my own projects, latest of which involves TypeScript and compile- and runtime validation of data sent over HTTP protocol.”

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