We are a startup working on Data Science software development and consulting

We have over 15 years of algorithm and software development experience in fields such as IoT, healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, distributed computing platforms, and forensics. We are based in Tampere, Helsinki, and Turku.

Timo Erkkilä, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Over 15 years of knowledge in AI/ML algorithm and product development in Bioinformatics, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and Healthcare. Timo has been leading the development of novel AI/ML systems such as distributed demand forecasting systems at Amazon.com, and proactive quality analysis cloud service for manufacturing industry at Quva Oy.

Keen on finding and generating business value through innovative and new digital services that increase the level of automation, Timo sees that change management is critical for untapping the full potential of new digital services.

Sergei Häyrynen
Chief Technology Officer

Worked years in business of providing consulting on computing, data analysis and machine learning in different domains.

Sergei is schooled in bioinformatics, signal processing, intelligent and learning systems and his background is in computational biology and genomics. Sergei develops cross-discipline solutions at Veracell.

Antti Larjo, PhD
Chief Data Scientist

Antti spent several years in academia developing models and helping biologists and geneticists get value from data and has since been involved in industry doing both product development as well as various ad-hoc analyses and PoCs, from healthcare to telecommunications and cybersecurity to adtech.

Antti has first-hand experiences and responsibilities from the whole chain: From prototyping ML/AI solutions to taking the implementations to production and maintaining them.

Krista Mellin
Chief Design Officer

Krista works with expert teams of data scientists, software architects and business strategists, developing novel concepts for data-driven business.

Krista is a full-stack designer with senior skills in UI/UX design, visual arts, 3D modeling and prototype coding, with 11+ years of versatile experience from early-stage startups to large-scale IT projects. Her goal is to ground design as integral part of product development to provide more value and better experience for user groups with varying levels of data literacy.