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The Data Wayfarer: Meet Onni Mansikkamäki

Onni works as a data engineer at Veracell and some time ago completed his studies at the University of Tampere, majoring in machine learning and signal processing.

"I'm a curious person. I get excited about new stuff easily, and learning novel things and getting better motivate me both at work and in my free time. Outside work, I go to the gym a lot, and I dream about my next surfing trip to some place with suitable waves.”
“A good division between work and free time is very important to me. I believe that with an appropriate balance of work and hobbies, you can perform most efficiently and get the most out of yourself in your free time as well.”
“Veracell has greatly helped with scheduling and planning my leisure time by offering me the possibility for remote work and flexible working hours. I spent the first 2 months of my employment working remotely and surfing in Lanzarote."
"The first time I heard about Veracell was on Sähkökilta's Instagram, where my current colleague AJ presented his work at Veracell. I decided to apply, because the company's projects seemed so interesting and suitable for my own thoughts. AJ recommended me and I got an interview, where Timo Erkkilä introduced Veracell, the projects and the job description in more detail. I became convinced that Veracell really opens up the opportunity for me to do meaningful work with competent colleagues and interesting challenges. Veracell's operation in several different domains opens up the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of different industries and methods of operation on a wide scale."
"At Veracell, I have done BI reporting on the client's data. I mainly use Python, SQL, JavaScript and Docker at work. In the future, I will be involved in planning and later implementing data migration between the client's two application versions. In the future, I will also be able to learn new technologies, at least possibly FastAPI, Apache Airflow, Chart.js and Cube.js.”
“In the future, I hope to expand my skills with different technologies and tools. I hope to come across projects from various industries and also to be able to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence in some project. Above all, I hope to develop as an employee in the technical field, doing data engineering, data processing, machine learning and software development."

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