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Meet Antti-Jussi: From Electrical Engineer to Health Tech Visionary

Antti-Jussi studied electrical engineering with major in signal processing and machine learning and minor in health informatics. He first came to Veracell to develop an indoor positioning system as part of the Ago project, which investigates the possibilities of UWB technology in healthcare. A meaningful customer project was later found for A-J, so product development currently runs alongside.

"Originally, I went to university to study electrical engineering, because I had completed both high school and electrician degrees. I have also worked in industry as an electrician for several summers. I soon noticed that programming and especially signal processing and machine learning was meaningful. In terms of work, I am particularly interested in utilizing machine learning in healthcare."
"The first time I heard about Veracell was at a guest lecture on signal processing, and I thought even then that you could do cool things there. I got involved in the very beginning of product development, which has been really educational. The flexibility of the work has been meaningful because, for example, in the summer I was able to work days from the cottage. I am developing an indoor positioning system in C, and that has become my forte. In addition, my languages are Python, C++, Matlab and JavaScript."
"As a person, I am curious and interested in learning new things. Humor is important to me both at work and in my free time. I like sports, especially skiing, badminton and the gym. I hope that in the future I will be part of meaningful projects, learning new skills at the same time. From work I expect challenges and opportunities to develop myself. It is also important for me to draw a clear line between work and free time and to do something other than work-related things. This is the best way to recover from working days."

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