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Eldercare Reimagined: Veracell & Tampere University

Veracell is partnering with Tampere University to work on a research project for gerontology. The objective is to use natural language processing to reveal relevant information from patient records to create a frailty index for targeting elderly care.

Identifying persons at risk for more influential care

The project investigates how data from patient records could be used to create an electronic frailty index, which is updated at every doctor's and nurse's visit.

The index is a kind of measure of biological aging, and it can be used to identify at an early stage those persons who are at the highest risk for negative end-events (e.g. death, repeated periods of hospitalization, functional impairment) and thus the greatest need for more detailed monitoring and tailored treatment.

Natural language processing to identify health deterioration

The research utilizes artificial intelligence-based text mining in a new way, which can be used to identify expressions and sentences from the data of patient records, which are used to form the index.

The research lays the foundation for a new kind of analytics and diagnostics, which could be used to better prevent health deterioration in the future and target interventions to those people who benefit the most.

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