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AI Roots: Where Synergy Meets Data Wisdom

Veracell is a tech & AI focused company with a minimal sales team. But despite the size of the sales team, we’re continuously looking for resources to fill the projects we’re working on. It’s imperative that we put people to work in the right places. And this includes working with a support network that helps bring in the leads.

Creating profitable sales funnels is an expertise in itself. This is further exacerbated by the substance knowledge required for the many fields that we operate in, from medical and healthcare to heavy industry and e-commerce. It’s just incredibly hard to acquire all that expertise in a single sales team. Here too networks are the answer. 

For us, sales is also about expectation management. You need salespeople who know the right terms and know how to use them. Otherwise, talking about the much-hyped AI and machine learning can be misleading and result in unrealistic expectations. This will inadvertently lead to disappointment on both sides. 

Working with a matchmaker

That’s why we’ve opted to work with a company whose success is centered around matchmaking. AI Roots has a long history and deep substance knowledge. Therefore they act as the crucial node in a network that helps Veracell grow. Together the companies are capable of running joint workshops and in general contribute to both the planning and execution phases, leveraging each other's talents.

AI Roots brings together data experts and companies that are looking to create sustainable value from their data assets. By matching talent with needs, rather than simply filling open slots, they ensure that the odds of success are the highest. Working in this way enables companies to scale up their data teams and capabilities flexibly, generating sustainable business value from data and growing strong roots for future AI solutions. 

The collaboration in practice 

Whenever AI Roots has a promising lead, they open up the discussion with us and ask if we have the required talent available. This discussion is really focused on finding a good match for the project. Perhaps even more so than Veracell, AI Roots is obsessed with having the right people in the right place. It’s their business, after all.

Once this match is found there are joint meetings with the client prospect to verify that everyone is aligned and knows what the outcomes and expectations are. This then results in a couple iterations of offer preparation, led by AI Roots. The whole process typically takes a few months, depending on the scope. 

Veracell and AI Roots are currently collaborating on a data strategy project and on a machine learning platform development project. 

“By having companies like Veracell in our network we feel very confident in attacking even the hardest of challenges to provide sustainable business value by innovative use of data and AI.” - Ari Rantanen, Founding partner of AI Roots

Sharing leads to success

As a company, Veracell’s strength lies in its deep tech experience. Relying on specialists in other fields, such as AI Root’s expertise as a matchmaker, enables us to focus on project delivery and honing our skills. 

We deeply care about fulfilling the customer’s desires. We want to set the right expectations and utilize the best talent for the job. Data is exciting and can lead to amazing outcomes. These outcomes should never be limited by suboptimal execution. 

To ensure that customers get what they deserve we’re happy to share among our network and bring in external talent. When you truly collaborate, with the right people in the right place, the outcome is always going to be a win-win-win. And we rather share our wins than fail alone.

Ready to transform your data dreams into reality? There’s no better time than now. Let’s reimagine the future together.