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Your MedTech Compass: Markus Räsänen, Medical Advisor

Markus Räsänen is part of Veracell's network of professionals, which helps us acquire specialized expertise in various fields for projects when necessary. As a top expert in his field, Markus strengthens our expertise in the field of healthcare and medicine.

"I am Veracell's Medical Advisor. Until now, I have mostly worked in Ago project, in which we are developing an activity tracking wristband. In connection with the project, we have planned joint research projects in cooperation with stakeholders from the public domain and Veracell's skilled engineers. In the future, I will also be available for other projects that require medical expertise."

As a top expert in his field, Markus strengthens our knowledge in the field of healthcare and medicine.

"I have a strong background in medicine, both from the point of view of clinical work and research. I graduated as a doctor in 2016 and defended my doctorate in 2019 under the guidance of academy professor Kari Alitalo. After this, I have continued to specialize in cardiology, and done research work on a broad front, for example at the University of Helsinki, HUS, Wihuri Research Institute, and THL. I am currently doing post-doc research on the genetic risk and disease mechanism of coronary artery disease at Stanford University in the USA. In terms of language skills, in addition to the two domestic languages and English, I speak excellent German and have also worked in Germany and Switzerland."

Veracell's technical team has extensive experience in healthcare projects and research. For several years, we have been helping Tietoevry's teams to build applications for processing and managing patient data. We are also developing an ERP system with Integritas to support psychiatric care.

Our IoT product development aims at piloting in the healthcare area, and Markus has been a significant partner in designing the service. The goal is to combine technical know-how, algorithm development, service design and medical expertise to produce new ideas for treatment and care.

"I think it's great how, through the development of current technology, we are able to collect a huge amount of information, which enables accurate and personalized diagnostics and treatment, instead of mostly descriptive diagnostics in medicine. In search of the truth, we have observed the surrounding phenomena for a long time, but gradually we begin to have the tools for a deeper understanding. To interpret and utilize this information, representatives of several professional groups are needed, and Veracelli's network is excellent in this regard."

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