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Jack of All Apps: Welcome Hannes Järvinen

Hannes joined Veracell's product development in the early days, when the early-stage IoT platform was just being developed. Since then, the development team has gained new members and Hannes has moved on to do consulting work in customer projects.

"I came to Veracell to create a data model for the Internet of Things (IoT) application platform and an extension of device integrations. New devices were introduced to the platform that needed new interfaces and integration implementations. The data model was expanded to take into account the different needs of the new devices and cover more use cases.”
“I first heard about Veracell from a lecturer at Tampere University of Technology (TUNI). I joined to become part of a new company in the industry, where I would really have a front-row seat to see the company's growth process. In a small company, an individual employee is very important, and the opportunity to become a part of Veracelli's story was appealing."

Veracell specializes in data-driven strategy and development. We do implementations from start to finish, from architecture and integrations to application development. In projects, it is often necessary to build different data visualizations, either with ready-made tools or as a customized browser application for the end user.

"I like visualizing information and making integrations for different systems. It's amazing to make applications work with each other, improving the coverage of both in one fell swoop and offering more unified experiences to users. Device and application integrations comprehensively reveal the operation of different services - often also in different business sectors, which is rewarding to learn. Understanding the basic functionality of different systems has been a huge help in various interdisciplinary projects.”
“By visualizing information, you learn to understand the structure of the underlying data and its purpose. At its simplest, the visualization is "as is", showing the information, a bar chart for example. But it can also be guiding, directing the user's interest to observable deviations in the information and to important moments in time. Building guiding visualizations is often domain-specific, which means working with experts from different fields. These opportunities are great for learning, for example, why certain things in the information flow are significant."

At Veracell, we work both individually and in teams for the clients, as well as in our own product development team. Support for project work is always available in Slack and at the office.

"I am a team player and I enjoy coming up with solutions together. Multi-voiced ideas are often well-founded, and due to more than one point of view, their reliability is often at a good level. On the other hand, sometimes I like that I can focus on solving a challenging problem myself. I feel that I learn in these situations best.”
“At work, I have previously been able to work e.g. in the development of an online shopping platform. My tasks included, among other things, the optimization of product information search parameters, software integrations with background systems, and the development of new features. Later, I have made, among other things, a mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems, a unified integration platform for several applications in the Azure cloud service, the data pipeline of an IoT application, and the implementation of the architecture and code of the IoT application's user interface.”
“At Veracell, I have been part of the design and implementation of the IoT platform, as well as the development of the market research tool application. I am familiar with cloud architecture, DevOps practices and other parts of the application development process. Currently, my tools are TypeScript and Python programming languages and AWS cloud service with various functionalities.”
“In the future, I hope to be part of a steel-strong team whose expertise is a support and motivation for both customers and new employees. I look forward to opportunities to learn new things and develop team-building processes at work."

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