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Meet Heidi Ruusu, the Juggler of Daily Administration

Meet Heidi Ruusu, the juggler of daily administration. As the company expanded, Heidi stepped up to take on the responsibility of running the office at full throttle. Her role as an administrative assistant requires her to juggle multiple tasks, keep the office functioning smoothly, and manage the growing number of employees. With her extensive experience in a variety of roles, Heidi brings a fresh perspective to the management team.

After leaving a career in nursing, I joined the Veracell team as an assistant. The administration department needed assistance with day-to-day operations, and my job responsibilities have continued to expand over time. I am the go-to person in the office, always eager to help and bring a positive attitude to the workplace. While I enjoy exploring new opportunities, I also embrace challenges that may be intimidating. Life is an adventure, and I strive to make the most of every moment.
In my free time, I enjoy reading and outdoor exercise. In the summer of 2021, I fulfilled a long-term dream by purchasing my own cottage. It's a great place to work, relax, and renovate.
My work and educational background is diverse and colorful. Over the course of more than a decade, I gained extensive experience in various customer service roles. However, I eventually decided to pursue a career as an X-ray nurse. After a few years working in private healthcare, I found my way to Veracell, where I am able to apply the knowledge and skills I gained from my previous experiences.
I discovered Veracell's job posting on Facebook and immediately applied. The role offered a unique blend of variety, learning, and enjoyment. I have the freedom to take control of my work and there are limitless opportunities for growth and development. Working remotely for the first time has been a wonderful and strange experience!
Initially, I took on smaller tasks that had previously been handled by other staff members. As our team has grown and evolved, so too has my role. Completing a degree in HR assistance has given me and the company more knowledge and improved our shared practices and operating models.
I find that my work is most fulfilling when it is diverse and challenging. As Veracell continues to grow, I look forward to further expanding my skills and welcoming new colleagues to the team.

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