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Meet Timo Erkkilä: CEO and Analytics Expert

Timo Erkkilä wears many hats: founder of Veracell Oy and CEO since 2017. His passion? Crafting customer-focused solutions, ensuring clients' businesses thrive. He's a whiz in areas like cloud migrations, multi-source system integrations, real-time systems, analytics, and ERP implementations.

“I have a doctorate in engineering, which lets me dive deep into tech talks. Yet, I pride myself as a people-first tech leader. My aim is to communicate clearly to varied audiences.”

A math, physics, and signal processing buff, Timo's academic journey is inspiring. Before his Amazon stint, he worked as a researcher with computational systems biology group in Tampere.

At Amazon, as a forecasting scientist, he developed demand forecasting models. More specifically, the topic was the integration of multiple data sources into demand forecasting and the consideration of uncertainty (integrative and probabilistic demand forecasting). He created models for new products, discount sales, and more.

“E-commerce demand? It's tricky. Factors like price, product presentation, marketing channel, availability, competitor situation, season play a role. Proper forecasting needs a robust data platform. It aids in logistics planning, sales optimization, and pricing. A forecast isn't just about numbers; it's about decisions. It's ideal when automated, but human touch remains invaluable.”

Flashback to 2014: Timo became Quva Oy's tech maestro. As Chief Technology Officer, he shaped Quva Flow's quality control system. His learning curve involved both traditional and modern methodologies.

His expertise? Software architecture, cloud solutions, and Agile project management. For tech aficionados, Timo's toolkit is enviable: AWS, GCP, Azure, Python, Scala, Javascript, TypeScript, C / C ++, and Databricks / Spark, React, Redux, Theano, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, Numpy and Scikit-Learn... and the list goes on!

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