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PIRKKO® & Veracell: Where Healing Meets High Tech

As a partner of Integritas, Veracell is involved in taking the PIRKKO® system to the next level. The partnership between Integritas and Veracell has lasted for over three years. Recently, co-operation has accelerated with the development of the data and analytics-based nature of the PIRKKO® system.

PIRKKO®, developed by Integritas, is an application that can be used to improve mental health work with current resources. It has been developed for real needs, as in Finland a mental health patient receives treatment too infrequently and the treatment lasts too long.

With the help of the PIRKKO® control system, psychosocial services can be modernized in accordance with the latest research data and patient visits can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

- We collect data from source systems and databases, which we combine with data collected through surveys on the effectiveness of care. With analytics, we aim to find models with which we can explain the factors related to the effectiveness of treatment, explains Timo Erkkilä, CEO of Veracell.

The goal is to increase understanding

In summary, the aim of the development work is to bring artificial intelligence to the understanding of treatment processes. Veracell's experts have doctoral-level expertise in healthcare analytics.

- Medical and healthcare professionals want to understand the data, and we will help with that. Our ultimate goal is to one day influence the operational level of care.

Veracell is also involved in developing Integritas' entire data architecture and its ability to leverage analytics models as part of a service package in the future. The aim is to facilitate data analysis in the future.

- It matters in what format and how easily the different data sources are available. We make the data more accessible to machine learning or artificial intelligence models to make it easier to perform analysis of treatment effectiveness in the future.

Open cooperation

Both Integritas and PIRKKO® appear agile to Erkkilä. The PIRKKO® system simplifies treatment planning, while allowing familiar patient data to be displayed. As a company, Integritas is fast-moving due to its size and operating methods.

- There is an adaptability that may not be found in many other companies. Prompt response and transformation are definitely to Integritas' advantage.

This year, the collaboration between Veracell and Integritas will include close communication and weekly meetings on issues such as data, BI reporting and analytics. Erkkilä describes the collaboration with Integritas' experts as interesting and positively challenging.

- We at Veracell are curious by nature and interested in even difficult problems. Integritas offers interesting challenges. Transparency embedded in Integritas' operations helps us and other partners to support the company in the best possible way. Transparent operations create the best result, Erkkilä concludes.

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