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Service Design Sprint

Crafting a new service or rethinking an old one

Do you have an idea for a new service? Do you need fresh ideas for an existing product? Service design sprint is a quick way to discover insight and new ideas, either in-house or by venturing out of the building. Service design methods such as prototyping, user interviews and co-design are carefully selected to produce actionable insight to base future decisions on.

Service design sprint is fixed-price delivery, in which methods are selected to best match the need at hand.

What is included

2-hour kick-off workshop with key people, in which we go through the current situation and form a target for the project. Framing the problem and forming a clear scope at this point is crucially important.

2-3 interviews or 4-hour workshop with either in-house personnel or current/future users of a product or service. This phase is important as we want to gather as much outside-the-box ideas and insight as possible.

Document describing the problem, user insight and possible solutions.

Visual prototype that explains the most promising solution, either as an actual interface (Figma prototype) or a service blueprint that communicates the interactions between a user and how they'd interact with the new service.

The idea is that after the sprint you'll have a tangible solution that guides future decisions. If needed, more rounds of design iterations and/or user research can be done with hour-based billing, based on a mutually agreed plan.

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