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Senior Front-end Developer

Veracell is a growing consulting house focused on cloud and artificial intelligence. We are building solutions that enable the utilization of data in future-proof smart services. Our toolkit includes commonly used cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP), Serverless frameworks, Node, React, and TypeScript, among others. By joining us now, you will be a part of a growing company and able to leave a mark on how we operate in the future.

We are now looking for a senior front-end developer to work as part of our teams in customer projects. Ideally, you have 5+ years of relevant technical experience and have been working with clients as a consultant . You should be able to lead a technical team consisting of both internal and external people. In all projects, we offer you the support and community of Veracell experts.

We hope you have an interest in data visualization and are comfortable with working with large amounts of data. You should be able to handle for example:

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Node
  • Express
  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • D3.js

You'll be a great match if you have:

  • Experience with building secure applications with robust authentication and authorization
  • Implemented front-end state management compatible with the database
  • Experience with implementing audit logs and monitoring
  • Understanding of software architecture
  • Used cloud service platforms (Azure/AWS/GCP)
  • Experience with implementing data visualizations using D3.js or similar
  • Knowledge of Scrum is considered a plus
  • Experience with mobile development would be nice, but not mandatory

At Veracell, we generally are people who desire to advance professionally and learn new skills. We want to build a community with an open culture and strive to solve complex problems and try new approaches. Our most important value is to understand the client's need and to implement projects in a goal-oriented rather than technology-oriented way.

If you feel like you could match our culture, here's a few more reasons to join:

  • Full-time or part-time, your call.
  • You can work in the office or remotely, whatever works best for you. Our office is at Tampere city center, right next to Keskustori.
  • You have the opportunity to influence Veracell’s practices, culture, and technologies. In the future, you can choose to support and mentor new Veracell employees.
  • If you wish, you can get a mentor from Veracell’s network of experienced employees and professionals. You get support in technical development, operating in the customer interface or maybe we can help you with something else entirely.
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Timo Erkkilä
CEO, AI Advisor & Sales
Antti Larjo
CTO, Data Scientist
Sergei Häyrynen
COO, Data Engineer
Krista Mellin
Design Lead
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